Chery Tiggo – Less Money…More Sense

Chery South Africa claim that the Chery Tiggo 1.6 TX is South Africa’s most affordable SUV. The mid-size SUV segment is very popular with just about every vehicle marque offering models in this segment. British, German, French, Indian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese brands are all represented.

We went online and compared models using the following key specifications to allow for an even playing field:
1.6ℓ – 2.0ℓ petrol engine
5 speed manual
2WD (4 x 2)
Minimum 16” Alloy Wheels

Also included: ABS Brakes, central locking, electric windows, airbags, minimum 3yr/100 000km warranty, 75 000km service plan, nationwide dealer network.

What we found, verified Chery’s claims. The nearest competitor that sold a vehicle of a slightly lower specification than the Tiggo 1.6 TX variant, was some R40 000 more expensive at a base price of R224 900. In the 2.0ℓ engine size, there is a very similar looking Japanese competitor that sells their 2.0ℓ 5-speed basic manual version at a base price of R279 900. That is R70 000 more expensive than the fully loaded 2.0ℓ Chery Tiggo 2.0 TXE version which retails at R209 000.

So what does a R40 000 price difference represent in real terms? Well as an illustration, you can purchase a Chery 1.6 TX, a trailer and five Axis Mountain Bikes for the family to enjoy for the same price as the nearest competitor. These are not supermarket special MTB’s. They are Epic proven frames with top notch components. There is no better way of getting into a healthy outdoor family lifestyle, than with a combination like this.

If you are more sedentary in nature, that R40 000 will buy you a kitchen load of new appliances, a lounge full of home theatre equipment or a shed full of power tools.

The bottom line is this – The Chery Tiggo 1.6ℓ TX is the most affordable SUV on the South African market and at the current special price of R2250 per month, is an unbeatable deal! *(May 2013)

Backed by a solid 3 year 100 000km warranty, 75 000km service plan and a nationwide dealer network, the Chery Tiggo simply costs less money and makes more sense.

Chery – More Car More Life